Monday, March 12, 2012

Nonami Toy

I made a little toy! 

This is my little girl without name (but for short "Nonami") She is a character that lives inside Pi's head and explains her whimsically how the world works. Pi has Aspergers Sindrome. Both are characters of mine for a project about autism. It is a long term project but I like to treat myself into doing some fun stuff while some other projects take the priority. I hope I can find some time to get back to it soon

The sculpture/toy measures about 4 inches (10 cm) and it's made out of Sculpey. Spray painted white and then painted with acrylic paint. It was really hard to keep the symmetry, I tried to do my best.

Here is an old drawing of the Girl without name:

I am proudly exhibiting my master piece on my living room. I love it! 
Now, Toki Doki, do you want to do business with me? ha | Ecija on DeviantArt