Friday, November 4, 2011

Creation challenge. Day 1. Creation #1

I have been really busy creating illustrations for a children's book with my friend Antonio Cartier. He wrote the story and I made the illustrations. I have to say that is was a heck a lot of work, but it was worth it. I ended up going on a bender for 36 hours, (secretly I am kind of proud that I could manage so many hours awake without crashing. It reminded me to college days!). The book was made for a contest, we hope to get a prize! we have turned the book in today, and we will find out in a month or less. I am really excited. I wish I could show something but the work has to be unpublished ever, so I will keep it secret for now.

The day that I finished I went to a live drawing session with a fellow illustrator and we had a blast. I hope to take a picture tomorrow to what I did. I would like to go next week, it was so relaxing and great. Definitely going again.

But what this post is about..... is about creating! I was so busy creating that book that now that I am done I feel I can do so much with my day that I have been doing so I decided that I am auto-enter in a auto imposed challenge.

The challenge is to create 1 thing a day and post it. very simple. The goal is to get a combo of 30 creations. If I miss one day, the count starts on 1 again.

ready? go!

This is #1 creation! a minidrawing of my original character Pi.

#1. Pi.
What have I created today?
 I have painted one sketch I made in 2007, retrace it, and painted it.

Bring it on Saturday! | Ecija on DeviantArt

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