Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IF: Frozen

Justita pero esta semana también participo en Illustration Friday. El tema de esta semana es Frozen (Congelado). ¡Este niño aunque esté congelado no perdona su helado! Esta vez, he querido probar un sombreado más realista y he de decir que me ha gustado mucho realizar esta pieza. La próxima vez probaré  una iluminación más dificil! El cucurucho deja algo que desear pero así se queda. Coloreado: 4-5 horas

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This week Illustration Friday's topic is Frozen. I thought I could not get this one done on time, but I made it! This little kid could be frozen but he won't say no to ice-cream time! I wanted to experiment with a more realistic rendering, and I liked doing it. I am not satisfied with the ice-cream, but it's time to say "done". I'll try something more difficult next time! Color rendering: 4-5 hours.


  1. Wow. Love this. That ice cream looks good enough to eat, and the realistic look is just great.

  2. Wow, it's amazing! I really love this illustration, it is funny, well done and so realistic (especially some details, like the girl's eyes).

  3. Wow, it's fabulous! Including the ice cream!!!

  4. I love the shadow and shading details in this chel bell, I think it gives it dimensionality that makes it feel very realistic. Great job!