Saturday, March 5, 2011

Design club - February 2011

Two of my friends and I have started a somewhat design club. They are both graphic designers. Every month we will propose an assigment, get together, make dinner and present our designs. Our first assigment was making a commemoration badge for the Chicago Blizzard.

My friends presented very awesome designs. We all did them kinda last minute but this club is meant to have fun, so everything goes. I had so much fun painting mine. I think if I had more time I would've changed some of my composition decisions. But I am happy for what turned out due to the joy painting it gave me.

My idea was to make a snowflake shaped badge. I wanted to make it art deco style and it developed into a inverted stained glass type thing. 

I had to add an outline because I couldn't keep my eye focus inside the illustration. It made it better but something is missing... anyway, super fun to paint thought!

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