Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Queen Designs

I have been working on designs for a Deck of Cards. I am not yet decided on the suits. So far I have tried to sketch the Queen of Woods, the Queen of Birds, the Queen of the Sky/Sun and the Queen of Mammals. I like to start with the queens because drawing women is my favorite and helps me get in to the zone. I  am deciding if I want to incorporate Type as a really prominent part of the card's design or not.  I want to do so as a challenge, because I love type but I am not to good at it. I think I should, illustrations will get to a whole new level.

Maybe I will put them as part of the frame? We will see, First I need to decide the suits. I would like the suits to make sense with each other as a ecosystem of sorts. Or like layers of the woods (sun, sky, woods, roots, underground water...). I really like the idea of the queen of birds so I don't want to give that one up, but I think that is precisely the one that I could live without concept wise.

What do you guys think? Birds, Sky, Woods and Mammals? Seems incomplete, where is the water? | Ecija on DeviantArt

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