Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hand Lettering Week - Sunday


I went to school for Fine Arts with emphasis in Illustration. Typography was never my forte, I never took a single class about it. I didn't even understood how people would like to make their own fonts, it just seemed boring. However, when I left school and started to hang out with graphic designers, my desire to get better at typography has grown exponentially. I would say they brought me to the dark side. I have been getting better and better at graphic design, typeset and all that thanks to my pirate friends. But it wasn't enough to turn the switch and made me love it.

And then it did hit me: hand lettering. 

Hand lettering is the perfect marriage of my passion (Illustration) and one of my pending subjects (Typography). It's like drawing, but you have to think in different terms. You have to think about your kerning, your leading, your stylistic alternates, your swashes... It's Open Type Live! 

 It's so addicting that I decided to hand letter all the days of the week for one week.
I don't have a lettering pen (yet), so I have been using a Pilot pen and filling in the strokes. It's  time consuming but I am getting better at it. I like how this "sunday" looks. So far my letter repertoire it's kinda limited but I am trying to make more and more variations as I go. Capital letters are far harder to me. You know what they say though, practice makes perfect!

So, see you on Monday! | Ecija on DeviantArt

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