Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daily Creation Challenge #30 and last!!!

For my last challenge I wanted to do something that I was supposed to do months ago. I finished the final business card comp for my cousin's craft label. It's a comp, subject to improve. She makes awesome handmade jewelry and accessories. I am not sure that she has a website but if she does I will update the post.

And now I am "free". But I have a very tasty project lined up next. I will be making illustrations for a friend's website. Will keep you updated!

The daily challenge has been an awesome experience and I have been thinking in other types of challenges to do next. I will leave it for 2012, since I will leave for a couple weeks and go home in Spain, and will be very busy with the holidays. Also, my brother has asked me for a drawing to put on his gaming stick and that has to happen before the wise men day! | Ecija on DeviantArt

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